Question by  Joe67 (46)

What age is a 50 dirt bike appropriate for?

My 6 year old wants one.


Answer by  tkarlav (1502)

It all depends on the child and there ability to listen and stay aware.MY one friends son is 4 and he rides like a pro. My wife is a bit worried but when our little guy turns five im buying him one. you may wana start him on four wheels tho to be safe.


Answer by  Bearseph (66)

Six years old is a little too young to ride a dirt bike. I would recommend a minimum age of eight to nine years of age. With these extra years your 6 year old will develop better balance and it would be safer.


Answer by  bug57 (1048)

At six, you may find a 50cc to be a little large for him, unless he's unusually tall. 50cc bikes are usually for ages 12 or 13 at the very youngest.


Answer by  thelostone (1457)

this really depends on the size and maturity of the child more then their age. I woudl probably say that you would want to wait a couple years to get him one of these but if he is a very responsible child and a little bigger then normal for his age he could possibly ride one.


Answer by  jake2 (56)

There is more to this than just the age, it has to do with maturity, and knowledge of the vehicle. I would say that a very matuer 6 year old would be ok with one of these. however I would push to about 8 years old.

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