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Question by  kismet029 (38)

What age group would like the Cars video game?

I am looking for a gift for my 8 year old grandson.


Answer by  jtrudeau (69)

If a fan of the movie, Cars, I would say the appropriate age group for the video game would be between 6 and 10 years old.


Answer by  bsavage (105)

The one for the playstaion 2 or the xbox 360 is rated E for everyone having seen the game I think it's perfect for an 8 yr old. I'm sure if he liked the movie the game will be a good fit for him.


Answer by  NoblesseOblige (444)

The ESRB Rating is 'E for Everyone,' meaning that it's okay for just about anyone to play. Your grandson would probably love the game!


Answer by  Borislov (57)

The Cars game was based on the animated film so I believe the age group would be for small children, up to 12. Your grandson is in that age group.


Answer by  Qwedsa (96)

The game was certified as E for everyone in the United states and suitable for children over 3 in the United Kingdom so it will definately be suitable for your grandson. Reviews said it was not too easy, so he should not feel it is too childish either.

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