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Question by  Benny19 (35)

What age group likes Bionicle toys?

I need a present idea for my 12 year old nephew.


Answer by  sayetto (18)

Most 8-13 year-old boys enjoy Bionicles. 12 years old is a great age for Bionicles; they not only encourage creativity, but they also stimulate the mind, and are a great substitute for video games! When assembled, Bionicle parts can be mixed and matched, which helps keep interest and make play never old or dull.


Answer by  aliciab (14)

From my own personal experience, boys from age 6 to 13 like Bionicle toys. They are well mafe, intersting, long lasting toys that boys will playing with for a long time. My son has quite a fre of them. They make great gifts since they are not too expensive. There is also a Bionicle magazine from Lego that boys like.


Answer by  lucyb00 (157)

Bionicle toys are perfect for a 12 year old nephew. A kid of his age really enjoy any type of bionicle toy.


Answer by  cassiopoeia (54)

Bionicle is recommended for children ages 5-12. If your nephew is already 12 Bionicle is probably too juvenile for him.


Answer by  Mary (2095)

Twelve is a little old for Bionicle toys, especially if this would be the first introduction to the toys. If the child already has a collection or a lego collection, it may be a good present.

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