Question by  Anonymous

Was U2 originally going to name the album something other than Joshua Tree?


Answer by  Vespertine (51)

Yes they were. The original title was The Two Americas. The album was created to explore the Irish band?s tendentious relationship with America and American politics. Bono wanted to portray both the ?mythic idea of America? and the ?reality of America? on the same CD, thus the inspiration for the initial title.


Answer by  nana (14)

Yes. The album was going to be called "The Two Americas" due to Bono's interest in certain things the country had to offer, such as guaranteed rights and freedoms, and the almost mythic history, but also the disgust that he felt towards American foreign policy.


Answer by  John77 (32)

THe working title of the album was "The Two Americas." The band was attempting to express and reconcile perceived inconsistencies between American ideals and American foreign policy. Between the Beautiful country, or Mae Gua as the Chinese call us, and the worlds leading warmonger.

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