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How did underground rap get started?

posted by  Tam(24)

What are some common R & B songs played at weddings?

posted by  ducan(30)

What are good songs for funerals?

posted by  AF6FB(23)

Does music have an effect on your heart rate?

posted by  rajan29(76)

What were the radio stations of the 80's playing?

posted by  chitra(120)

What is a good song for a clarinet duet?

posted by  Travis52(24)

What is grassroots music?

posted by  LDAV45(24)

What are the best summer songs?

posted by  mende063(20)

What's a good song for a tap duet?

posted by  dancer96(1)

Who sang the milkshake song?

posted by  PeuFeuDeux(29)

Is there a CD that has the "Bob The Builder Song" on it?

posted by  josa(38)

What is a cornet serial number?

posted by  puru(5)

What are the best brands for the flute?

posted by  CrystalEg(500)

Can I have some music trivia concerning record breakers?

posted by  worker4155(21)

What is the order of the cure albums?

posted by  MRXII(16)

What are some popular 70's dance songs?

posted by  jbrowning8(46)

Are visas required for bands who play in another country?

posted by  lsubash2(18)

Are my Backstreet Boys albums valuable?

posted by  Masheda(36)

What are some original Weird Al Yankovic songs?

posted by  newgeneration(699)

Can you suggest some free music tones?

posted by  James10(29)

Can you play classical music on an acoustic guitar?

posted by  nnohure(155)

What can I do for a stuck trumpet valve?

posted by  deniscales(24)

How could my car audio be on with no key inside?

posted by  Chrissi(25)

How do I put pictures on my ipod?

posted by  amiv(249)

What can you tell me about mixing different ohm speakers?

posted by  rafeepalai(8)

"Don't mess with my Toot Toot" what is that song about?

posted by  dunk541(49)

Is Highway to Hell your favorite AC/DC song?

posted by  worker5685(20)

What stores sell itunes cards?

What songs were a hit on "Virgin Killer"?

posted by  reetakanchal(22)

What kind of wood is used to make cellos?

posted by  freddie(28)

Can anyone recommend a good flute sonatina?

posted by  Shopboi(11)

How do you record something from a download?

posted by  teeyah(22)

Where can you buy a Monsoon sound system?

posted by  xtophyr(50)

Who sings the song "I Want to Know" ?

posted by  worker1277(33)

How do you upload songs?

posted by  trombonequeen(36)

What is some good music to do a gymnastic routine to?

posted by  Kriket(1029)

What is a guitar binding router?

posted by  ursulajc(22)

Is Columbia House a good deal for CDs?

posted by  clp1001(30)

What are the program notes for Quartet for the End of Time?

posted by  Karen16(30)

Where can I find The Rose sheet music?

posted by  Mary90(78)

Who were the Applejacks of the 1960's?

posted by  RaC(14)

How many episodes are there of The Purple Show?

posted by  PunkyDoo2(45)

Where can I find bugle sheet music?

posted by  GEOIFTIMIE(5)

What is the Bucket List soundtracks?

posted by  eddieh1989(1)

How do I upload my own music to my MySpace profile?

posted by  sprinter(14)

Who sings the new rap song Bounce?

posted by  Rose(6804)

What advice can you give me on starting a music store?

posted by  Elle54(36)

What technology uses mp4 for music?

posted by  Juggle(8)

How do you find the age of a pump organ?

posted by  bragadha(13)

How to install a stereo on a forklift?

posted by  MHugabom(523)

What are the reviews on the RIO Karma MP3 player?

posted by  mycsn(25)

Where there any hidden secrets on the songs of the 80's?

posted by  Elysha45(77)

Does the Albert Clarinet System work?

posted by  chuckanfm(13)

What are some songs by Keeley Smith?

posted by  Zrafidim(107)

What labels record American roots music?

posted by  anne59(4)

What are some songs with Spanish Christian lyrics?

posted by  MEME17(23)

Who is the Selmer behind Selmer New York Saxaphones?

posted by  genuis2010(123)

When did Fransiscan make the acoustic guitar model CN8N?

posted by  musicfpunk(2)

Who has the best price on an ICD cd?

posted by  Domdom(113)

How do you know if a piano is good?

posted by  Sharath(15)

What is a good setup for a solid-body guitar to play jazz?

posted by  Rkissoon(12)

What did you think if the Joe Jackson Live album?

posted by  tuppyqueen(311)

What are some good bands that sound like Radiohead?

posted by  Murasaki(21)

Why are guitars shaped the way they are?

posted by  SuzyQ(17)

What does the term LO mean in music?

posted by  Brad(34)

Does playing music affect the growth of plants?

posted by  Chris25(17)

How do you convert an mpeg4 to an mp3?

posted by  jodyjohn7(54)

How do you read tabs in guitar?

posted by  Redline(38)

How do I remove instruments from an mp3?

posted by  silverfox52(16)

Where can I buy a Luciano Pavarotti cd?

posted by  Hari76(5)

How does music affect a dogs behavior?

posted by  austingirl(20)

What are some of the better trumpet models?

posted by  Andrea16(23)

How do I go about choosing a trumpet for my son?

posted by  Bhat(37)

What are some great songs about little boys?

posted by  spottedots(22)

Who invented the electric guitar?

posted by  worker8573(17)

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