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Is the atrac3 player just as good as an iPod?

posted by  shjourney(16)

How do you go about erasing an iPod?

posted by  DOB(14)

What are some tips for playing deep heavy metal sounds?

posted by  Sirerikt(17)

What are some of the top father-bride dance songs?

posted by  Angel50(23)

What is the best performance mini amp on the market?

posted by  Pam36(91)

What are the different music venues in Nashville?

posted by  teri18(22)

How do you play the saxaphone?

posted by  John70(16)

What is a good music mixing software for a beginner?

posted by  jenn19(54)

What are some romantic country songs?

posted by  Evgeni556(63)

Who wrote the opera The Rake's Progress?

posted by  JohnSmith(52)

Is it legal to sell copied CDs?

posted by  Rachel58(30)

What kind of music does Hi Infidelity play?

Where can I find sheet music for "I Believe"?

posted by  bidibidus(55)

What are the lyrics to the song, Temperature?

posted by  hondaman1988(26)

What are good song meanings?

posted by  hsweet(40)

What are the hallmarks of punk rock?

posted by  beatification(60)

What is a theremin?

posted by  sauvblanc(96)

How do I put music on a memory card for a my phone?

posted by  vlygrl1(16)

What is the best way to warm up for a flute performance?

posted by  abin1991(76)

What are some of Keith Urban's number 1 hits?

posted by  Cassi(33)

What were some of the one hit wonders from 80's music?

posted by  judiof(32)

Who are the top females in country music?

posted by  RingoStarr(31)

What is a good source of Metallica's early CDs?

posted by  Nicole(20)

What are some easy to learn preschool songs?

posted by  gemmie(33)

What kind of a band is Goober and the Peas?

posted by  TheBaller(15)

What kind of shop would sell a sheet music holder?

posted by  SPY(16)

Where can I get used dvds?

posted by  MLF(20)

How do I find concert tour dates for my favorite bands?

posted by  jdevlin(74)

Are there any more record stores any more?

posted by  mlahlou324(29)

Why does soothing music make you feel better?

posted by  jax9999(131)

What is appropriate music for a funeral slide show?

posted by  TCW(11)

What are the lyrics to the Monster Mash song?

posted by  Tom99(2)

Is it legal to download music for cheerleading?

posted by  redrobin(20)

What are the lyrics to Amazing Grace?

posted by  Jane62(15)

Where does Prince live?

posted by  flconner(62)

What are good songs to listen to while driving?

posted by  Shirota(30)

What are the most popular bush songs?

posted by  Zeeta50(20)

What is danger mouse's "Grey Album"?

posted by  Kim45(27)

Who are some of the famous 20th century composers?

posted by  worker3748(13)

How do you connect an mp3 player to a car?

posted by  Jennifer18(21)

What are some of Nickleback songs?

posted by  carguy74(6)

What are the names of different guitar strings?

posted by  s(8)

How do you publish songs?

posted by  TZ16(367)

How can I be a great guitarist?

posted by  cashian(376)

Where can I download a Van Morrison ringtone?

posted by  c764kil(20)

How do you play a song backwards on a media player?

posted by  angrycherub(49)

What wrote the Landslide song?

posted by  ilinde(23)

Can you run the Hammerhead Drum Machine on Vista?

posted by  Domzor(24)

Can you give me the lyrics to "Goober Peas?"

posted by  mchellin78(47)

Can you give me a review of the Magix Music Maker 2004?

posted by  squiffy(130)

Is a Weimar brass trumpet a good brand?

posted by  steve12(342)

What is 3G Radio ?

posted by  Anonymous

What are some of the Vietnam protest songs?

posted by  nyne(31)

What is the best way of cleaning your sax mouthpiece?

posted by  caligirl1740(27)

Who sings the song Stop and Take Some Time to Think?

posted by  eamuscatuli(80)

Who sang the song "Patches"?

posted by  Mable(3008)

What is the origin of the Ukulele?

posted by  Redbirds4Ever(12)

How do you start a music distribution company?

posted by  Amanda47(19)

Do you believe that Led Zeppelin is overrated?

posted by  Rhonda77(24)

Who is considered to be the kings of rock?

posted by  sadiesmom(254)

What are some of Weird Al songs?

posted by  maknesh(12)

What is a song title containing the word "red"?

posted by  Lila(30)

What was nineties music like?

posted by  Pietro(34)

What are some love songs to cure a broken heart?

posted by  Izy(32)

What is the story of the Madame Butterfly opera?

posted by  Siri(81)

What is Slash's real name?

posted by  RobertJamey(124)

When is the next Mile High Music Festival?

posted by  LRoc06(15)

Who wrote Russian Christmas music?

posted by  worker9077(8)

What does the song "White Cluster" mean?

posted by  raja32(22)

What are the current trends in the music industry?

posted by  Christina26(30)

What are the top 20 songs right now?

posted by  andreab(17)

What are the best amplifiers and preamps?

posted by  LPlatter(271)

Are there any Four Tops DVDs?

posted by  Ayushchandran(25)

Can I use Limewire on my Zune?

posted by  Kelli(181)

What is the value of a Sergeant Pepper's picture disc?

posted by  darkstar(15)

What are some good country songs for a funeral.

posted by  christokels11(61)

How can you become a better singer?

posted by  auntkate(163)

How do you tune a violin?

posted by  ferfer72(2623)

How can I learn how to read sheet music?

posted by  ShamonaD(23)

Is the Numark Battle Pack okay for a beginner?

posted by  MechanicalTurk58(10)

Will a record dealer give me the best deal on old records?

posted by  timmsa(577)

Has Grass Monkey put out an album yet?

posted by  caleethegreatest(8)

What are popular hard rock ballads?

posted by  rscracker(47)

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