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What are questions to ask when looking at an old house?

posted by  peekfreans(15)

How old is the oldest tree?

posted by  lovebug2421(189)

What is some weight training that's safe for seniors?

posted by  sj(10)

What games are good for a sweet sixteen party?

posted by  Nick10(16)

What is the driving permit age in Texas?

posted by  worker3350(49)

How common is it for seniors to get AIDS?

posted by  frailheart(31)

What's the age to become a police officer in Florida?

posted by  lorettamarie(83)

Is it bad to still live at home at 23 years old?

posted by  joco123(9)

What are the age requirements for olympic events?

posted by  siageah(36)

Is 47 years old too old to enlist in the military?

posted by  tyann(54)

At what age can you date, according to the law?

posted by  Ellen24(-5)

How old do you you have to be to get married in Canada?

posted by  Ethan29(10)

What is the age to quit school in Texas?

posted by  deana(28)

What are some good jobs for a 13-year-old?

posted by  Jenny84(14)

What are some good job options for a 16 year old?

posted by  prabhu(17)

Can a dermatologist perform anti-aging procedures?

posted by  Joe67(46)

What is the age of majority?

posted by  JaggedZero(62)

Why is the law that draft sign up starts at age 18?

posted by  nykclifton(37)

Do you have to be a certain age to go to gun ranges?

posted by  Shana(44)

How old do you have to be to compete in the olympics?

posted by  JohnI(28)

How old do you have to be to be in the AARP?

posted by  Ossurworld(30)

At what age do toddlers learn their abc's?

posted by  trudie1962(1022)

What are the US Navy officer age limits?

posted by  detour(44)

Is 40 too old to become a police officer?

posted by  swiecichc(22)

Why is the legal age 18?

posted by  Brittany(22)

What age to babies normally start talking?

posted by  emm471(13)

Does sight always deteriorate with age?

posted by  varex(330)

Who is the youngest female ever to give birth?

posted by  shannon22(27)

What ages would like the book Turtle Belly?

posted by  amandel33(38)

What is normal retirement age for professional ballerinas?

posted by  Alexis(27)

What can you tell me about how to find love after forty?

posted by  bragadha(13)

What ages like to go to Everythinggirl?

posted by  fragglerock(38)

What's a funny thing to say in a 40th birthday card?

posted by  haze(14)

Is age 35 too old to get into stand up comedy?

posted by  andrew(34)

Is it ok for a senior to date freshman girls?

posted by  malt(14)

What is another way to prove your age?

posted by  privitkev(2)

What is the average lifespan of a man?

posted by  Sean59(63)

How old is Danny DeVito?

posted by  jujudellago(1)

Why are mature women drawn to younger men?

posted by  George12(14)

One generation is how many years?

posted by  essenhmegmailcom(28)

What is the best age for learning another language?

posted by  obie(17)

What are some good games for senior citizens?

posted by  ann96(20)

How old should people be when they get baptized?

posted by  Holly56(14)

What should you write in Sweet 16 cards?

posted by  jakeman0074(79)

At what age do kids stop growing?

posted by  keri(33)

How long should boys be wearing diapers?

posted by  Pmd43614(28)

Who are the best actresses under the age of 30?

posted by  JRago(38)

What's the age of my Savage rifle?

posted by  boxsofrain(207)

What are some good 50th birthday presents?

posted by  worker33(41)

How do you treat acne in preteen boys?

posted by  Alisha42(11)

Is it common to have a full head of hair at an old age?

posted by  Shashi74(9)

What is the life expectancy of May-December romances?

posted by  Antimony(62)

How old do you have to be to become a swimsuit model?

posted by  mamaspeak(141)

Should senior citizens be allowed to drive?

posted by  Kittrell(17)

How old do you have to be to get a cosmetology license?

posted by  Che(425)

What age range is "Number the Stars" by Lois Lowry for?

posted by  varocketry(10)

What age is old?

posted by  Emmanforsure(12)

What is the age group for USAG Level 3?

posted by  stevehewitt13(14)

What causes the loss of skin pigment?

posted by  Arjun(58)

At what ages does human hair growth start?

posted by  arj(21)

What are some common Baby Boomer characteristics?

posted by  DestinyDrayton(20)

What is the age limit for the army?

posted by  fd1000(37)

At what age should a child start violin lessons?

posted by  t56(143)

How old do you have to be to ride mopeds?

posted by  bobreujr(25)

What are some funny fiftieth birthday party ideas?

posted by  bragg222(38)

How hard is it to be an older mom?

posted by  TexasMadeKD(13)

Is it common for your neck to itch as you age?

posted by  jpw(33)

What is the life expectancy for an average woman?

posted by  reisg(4)

How old does a car have to be to become an antique?

posted by  jackrichard(22)

What are the "big birthdays" in a person's life?

posted by  neeravvyas(84)

How old do I have to be to get my license?

posted by  mayuri7(9)

What is the life expectancy for every country?

posted by  reisg(4)

What should I do for my 13th birthday?

posted by  pazza(2)

What is the average world life expectancy?

posted by  reisg(4)

Until what age can cats still get pregnant and have kittens?

posted by  Jeff(12)

Should I have a joint first birthday party?

posted by  Anndallei(16)

At what age can you get your pension?

posted by  BMG(16)

Can a youthful offender be charged with a Class A Felony?

posted by  Sarah75(18)

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