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Question by  Phil75 (87)

Should be be concerned about having a cholesterol level over 210 if I am over 33 years old?


Answer by  chris70 (301)

There are many factors in determining the cholesterol level of an individual. Check with same sex parent and see if high cholesterol is part of the family make up.


Answer by  somerset (801)

The ideal numbers are less than 200 for adults 20 year old and older. What is even more important is the ratio between LDL and HDL. It is desirable for LDL to be less than 130 and HDL equal to or higher than 60.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

Yes, the normal is around 180. If you are on 33 you have a chance of this rising. Check family history and do something now about this.


Answer by  teacher (23)

Yes, the recommended level is 200 or below. Mine was 227 and my doctor was concerned that something could break loose and cause a blockage in the arteries.


Answer by  vsgunnam (222)

Yes, of course. The ideal upper limit of total cholesterol below 200 dL/ml of blood. Hence, if you are over 30 years old you should have some concern.

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