Question by  MathGeek (30)

Is there such a thing as a skunk trap?

I want to get rid of a skunk in my yard. It keeps attacking my dog.


Answer by  1990david (414)

Yes there are skunk traps that you can buy. They are specially designed to catch them and they cannot come out, onlu you can release them. You can find one at a hunting store.


Answer by  sparksteacher (134)

They sell cages to catch wild backyard animals at any home improvement store such as Lowe's or Home Depot near the gardening department. I'm not sure if there is a device to kill the skunk or not, but you can get a cage to catch it. Once you catch it, call animal control to come and get it.


Answer by  cpncrash (424)

You can live trap a skunk. Make sure you through a towel or blanket over the trap before moving the skunk to another area. Put meat in the trap to attact it they love bologna.

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