Question by  diva (168)

Is there a price guide where I can look up the value of rare nickels?

My great-uncle left me his coin collection and supposedly the nickels he collected are quite rare.


Answer by  JES1458 (39)

Several price guides list the value of old coins. These books generally cover all coins, not just focuses on nickels. One of the most popular is the 2012 Guidebook of US Coins, which is also called the Red Book. There are also magazines. Most book stores and newstands should have a guide. There are also on-line sources for the info.


Answer by  PawlyT (21)

One of the best (and fastest) resources to find out about coin prices is on Ebay. Typically most valuable coins will have a year and a mint mark (usually a letter). Simply put in the search box things like "nickel (date) (mint mark)." The search results will help guide you in the right direction as to the value.

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