Question by  Christine17 (21)

Is there a game you play with Pokemon Trading Cards?

How do you play?


Answer by  Patrick1127 (79)

You play Pokemon from your hand and attach energy cards to them in order to use attacks. The more icons next to the attack on the Pokemon card, the more energy cards you must attach. First to defeat six Pokemon wins.


Answer by  DreamScaper (354)

There are a lot of rules when playing. If you want to learn, you can buy a Pokemon starter deck that will come with a rulebook to help you learn. Also you can find out where a local Pokemon tournament is being held, show up, and people are happy to help you learn.


Answer by  Bob8478 (1040)

Pokemon cards are a game in and of themselves. It is a combat type game in which different cards have different amounts of power and what are called hitpoints. These hitpoints take points away from other player, therefore allowing you to beat them. This was once a popular game but does not currently enjoy as much popularity.

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