Question by  siva33 (13)

Is there a dollar bill printed in 1988 that has a misprint on it?

I collect misprinted dollar bills.


Answer by  kidd (6)

It is worth between 2 & 3 dollars or what ever the market is willing to pay. Misprinted currency becomes more valuable with time as is with most collectible items. Being that the bill is from 1988 and only 21 years old it will not become substantially valuable until the year 2038 ()making it 50 years old).


Answer by  AJenik (32)

I have found 1 dollar bill for sale on ebay that has the misprint. This dollar bill has a portion from the backside that seems to have printed partially on the front of the bill. The back is printed normally.


Answer by  missaway4 (25)

Two 1988 $1 bill series were printed that were offcenter or also had the Federal Reserve Ditrict letter misprinted. Errors found before circulation were destroyed and reissued as Star Notes.

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