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Question by  disco243 (20)

is the number of cohabiting seniors on the rise?


Answer by  piya (79)

Yes its on rise and in future it is expected to rise further. Forbes have reported there is 50% rise in seniors couple cohabitation in 2006 as compare to 2000. There are several reasons behind this phenomenon. Mostly are religious and financial.


Answer by  Gigi4808 (47)

I believe that it is based on the economy. I think that it's getting harder for people on a lower fixed income to maintain independant living. In my own case I know that my senior father will be able to stay on his own for at the most two more years before he will need a roommate.


Answer by  bindusvikram (66)

No the senior couples aging 65 and older rose significantly. There are senior couples who are disapproved of their children and religious faith which leads to a action against cohabation. According to a survey by Bowling Green State University 50% of people lived as unmarried-partner households. This is mainly because of financial reasons.


Answer by  georgiagirl (261)

yes and the reason being is the current state of the economy. It is easier for seniors to coinhabit together and split the cost of living expenses. With the rising costs of medical insurance and perscription drug coverage, it makes the other things in life less attainable for seniors these days.


Answer by  mahroof (33)

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