Question by  Smooti08 (23)

Is my antique washstand worth anything?

I think its from 1846.


Answer by  debra207 (207)

It is definitely worth something, especially if it has any date or manufacturing information on it. Take it to three reputable antique dealers and ask each of them for their opinions. You may also "google" it to see what similar washtands are selling for. Do your homework before selling.


Answer by  raun08 (1839)

It's very possible, depending on the condition of the piece, what style it's made in, what type of wood and where it's from. Unfortunately the antiques market isn't thriving as of 2005 and you might find keeping it for better economic times a better deal. Unless it's a truly unique and desirable piece, it's not likely to be well valued.


Answer by  sprobe23 (11)

Yes, if the piece is in fact from 1846 it could hold some value. But the problem is that many replicas have been made over the years which are very hard to identify. Your best option is to have the piece appraised to determine the true value.


Answer by  sony448 (100)

Yes, it's worth something. You can try selling it to antique stores or online and take a picture of it so people have an idea of what it looks like. Some people like to collect all kinds of antique items regardless of what they were used for. My guess is that it could worth over $50.


Answer by  Valentine62 (2131)

It is certainly worth a try to find someone to buy it. Go to two or three dealers with details about the washstand. You may find out that the market, for antiques, may not be into buying today because of the economy. You may want to wait and see what the economy does in a few years.


Answer by  mammakat (11147)

It may be, but this depends on its condition and construction as well as demand. Someone seeking very rustic furniture may pay a lot where an apartment dweller won't.

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