Question by  Adeshong (14)

Is it necessary to ground electrical wiring?

I am working on electricity in my home.


Answer by  Subramanianr (109)

Any wiring system has two leads. One the live wire carries the power to the appliance and once switched on the appliance works and the residue passes trough the other wire neutral. Due to induction on the metal parts, on the appliance some electricity passes on the appliance. To drain this induction power it is necessary for grounding it.


Answer by  Prem22 (63)

Yes grounding electrical wiring is necessary for the following reasons 1. To avoid electric shock caused by electrical appliances. 2. To protect your home from damage caused due to lightening during bad weather accompanied with thunder and lightening 3. To avoid electric shock caused by electronic appliances like desktop computer.


Answer by  mani (813)

When high voltage is produced such as lightning,which cause danger to the electrical distribution. Grounding will provide an alternate path around the electrical system and the damages to the home or work place will be minimum.

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