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Question by  jblo (23)

Is a zinc penny valuable?


Answer by  Jo46 (394)

It depends. Zinc pennies first came out in 1983. Pennies were made mostly of copper until 1983. The zinc pennies are "new", that is to say, they've only been on the market for almost 30 years. This isn't enough to label them as "antique". There are special "flaws" in some coins that make them worth more, so look them up!


Answer by  alicia715 (27)

I don't think that they are as valuable as a silver penny when it comes to price. I believe they are worth anywhere between a nickel and a quarter. BUT, zinc pennies can have the value of being unique to the owner. If I came across one, I'd save it. Not because it's worth a lot but because it's neat.


Answer by  Joe80 (866)

To some collectors zinc pennies can fetch a high price. There are some sets of zinc pennies with specific years that collectors find highly valuable. Some examples of zinc pennies are rejects, that did not get the distinctive copper coating, that have made circulation. There are buyers and collectors of these types of coin errors.


Answer by  TristenMarie (102)

The value or non value of your penny depends on year, mint, and condition. The best year for a Zinc penny is 1943, you may be able to get .64.

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