Question by  Cyn (408)

I need to find the date of manufacture for my Takamine guitar - where should I look?


Answer by  Annief75 (246)

Take a look through the "hole" at the center of your guitar. In it you will find a sticker with the guitar's serial number, the date it was manufactured, where it was made and its model number. You may find a few other bits of pertinent information as well. Good Luck!


Answer by  Dave51 (39)

The model and date of manufacture on my Takamine EG540-C is printed inside the guitar. I can see it looking through the sound hole.


Answer by  Lore (174)

The serial number contains the date of manufacture. First two digits are the year, second two are month, third two are day, and then the last is the number of the guitar that was produced on that day. The serial number should be inside the guitar and you should be able to see it through the sound hole.

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hey Lore, what are ya, stupid? G series hello?  add a comment

Answer by  drewgoldfinger (86)

The model and date of manufacture is located on the inside of the Takamine. It had been said that you can see it inside the sound hole.


Answer by  bouks999 (496)

You can go to a music store. Or you can also search online. There are many sites to check out.


Answer by  Anonymous

Unless it is a g-series, the serial number represents the date like this; YYMMDD00 year, month, day...and the last two are the guitar produced that day. If it is a g-series, i couldnt tell you.

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