Question by  JakeyLamps (19)

How valuable are Roger Clemens rookie cards?

I have one and want to sell it.


Answer by  idavid (385)

Roger Clemens' rookie cards are valued at between $25 and $250 dollars. Factors to consider are the condition of the card and which company released the card. Clemens' most value rookie, a 1984 Fleer Update card, currently books for $250 in NMT-MT condition, whereas his 1985 Topps rookie card is valued at $25.


Answer by  DavidD (148)

At this time baseball cards are not that valuable and I would suggest holding onto it a litle longer. At this time Clemens' rookie cards are worth about $15. I feel that this is certainly not worth selling and it should rise greatly if he is inducted into the Hall of Fame. However, baseball cards are a declining industry.


Answer by  UOGuy (66)

I have seen some go for anywhere between 1 dollar and over 300 hundred. I am sorry to tell you but right now isn't the best time to sell a Clemens because of his reputation. Wait until he does something to get back on ESPN.

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