Question by  mathdanmom (16)

How should I set up a double bass kit?


Answer by  Metti (20)

The bass drums are set up in an angle of approximately 60 to 80 degrees, so that their padels have a distance of approximately 24 inches. Between the bassdrums, right in front of the player, the snare drum is placed. The Hi-hat is placed on the left of the player.


Answer by  stringer (14)

Get a double kick drum pedal and a drum rack to mount your toms and cymbals to. This will give you more flexibility of your drum placement.


Answer by  emhaskey (685)

Set up the drum set so the user can comfortably reach every drum head. Set the snare drum between the drummer's legs, and the bass drums where the drummer's feet reach. Toms are set up in front of the drummer, along with the cymbals. The hi hat is placed on the left or right side, dependent on the user's handedness.


Answer by  NateoPotato (55)

Most drum kits will come with a manual. Drum kits are fairly simple to figure out. You simply put each drum onto the bars that hold the bass drum up.


Answer by  JimSmith (137)

The easiest way I find is to set them side to side obviously. Make sure you set them at an angle so the pedals are easier to reach. The next choice is do you go with two pedals or go with a dual pedal combo


Answer by  secondbanana (289)

I am unable to answer this question because it is unclear. By double bass, do you mean the upright, four-stringed instrument, or do you mean a double bass drum kit?


Answer by  mannersandsuch (1796)

I would suggest starting your double bass kit with high quality basses and what ever else you can afford then trade out the cheaper pieces one at time.

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