Question by  starlaceddream (7)

How much more valuable are autographed cards than regular ones?


Answer by  destinyisntfree (242)

The value of a sports card is going to vary significantly. While it is generally believed that a card autographed by the player will be more valuable than one that is not signed, how much of a difference this will make will depend on who the player is, whether they are still alive, and various other factors.


Answer by  Krissie (551)

As a general rule, they are more valuable, but it depends on a number of factors--a card in poor condition won't be as valuable as one that's been kept safe. The player is also key--a big name will get more than someone nobody's heard of. Your best bet is to have an expert look at your cards to determine value.


Answer by  bumblebee (313)

Autographed cards are more valuable when you also have a certificate of authenticity for the signature or you have an autographed card deemed certified found in a baseball pack.


Answer by  HilaryC (1382)

There is no direct way how to answer this. The value depends on the signer's fame, if there is authenticity with the card, and the condition the card is in. Take it to a dealer to get an actual number value.


Answer by  helol25 (680)

They are 100 times more valuable than their unsigned counter parts. I'd rather go with autographed cards. They can sell for a lot depending on the fans that the sport or player has compared to otherwise. I'd rather buy an autographed card and people often bid for them a lot more.

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