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Question by  Tylerg (3)

How much is my fender 60th stratocaster guitar worth?

serial # is MZ5 169511- mexican- i want to to sell but i wanna know how much it is


Answer by  dr84bhl (2789)

If the guitar is an original it will be worth $80. 000, these guitars are priceless and worth an awful lot to the right buyer. A musician or music fan would probably buy the guitar.


Answer by  Anonymous

You can informally appraise it yourself by searching the serial, then searching eBay for similar guitars. Value will depend greatly on its condition. But it's real worth is "whatever you can sell it for."


Answer by  Hannah (32)

These guitars are no longer made but can be found on ebay for prices anywhere between $1200 and $2000 a pop. Although they're expensive, these guitars have poor reviews so it might be hard to find a potential buyer.


Answer by  Steve81 (32)

There's quite a few listings for this guitar on shopping sites. The most basic Fender 60th Strat is selling for $465. 00 used, and if you try to sell it you can expect about this amount. Also, don't fly United with it, because they break guitars.


Answer by  bosco (18)

Your Stratocaster is worth as much as the customer wishes to pay. Being a Mexican Stratocaster, the final sale value will likely be in the 200 to 300 dollar range if the guitar is in very good or better condition.


Answer by  andrewgeg1 (26)

This Stratocaster is a brilliant player, that's all there is to it. Its still the most affordable Mexican makes a good $300 off the list price of its nearest rival- the Satin Standard Strat but the tone, playability & sheer finesse it exudes is very much beyond its asking price.


Answer by  Mike88 (21)

As an avid musician I am pretty knowledgable in the price of instruments. I would say it could be worth at least 1500 dollars, but it really depends on the condition of it.

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