Question by  AnujaMuthukumar (34)

How much is a Ted Williams card worth?

Should I cryogenically freeze it?


Answer by  Jack56 (408)

Depending on the year and general condition (average or mint) the value can range from $0.95 dollars for a 1994 card to $20,000 for a 1938 rookie version. A good source of information on the different card values can be obtained through the Beckett Price Guide.


Answer by  Samir (143)

A Ted Williams baseball card tends to sell from $10 for a common reproduction, to $2200 for a signed 1941 original. Search Ebay for the specific year for exact pricing.


Answer by  ks (99)

The value depends on the age and quality of the card. It is advised to have a grading firm establish the quality.

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