Question by  angelina (35)

How much is a Gemeinhardt 22SP flute worth?

It looks to be in good condition. Could use a good polishing.


Answer by  LPlatter (271)

The market floods with these instruments in the Summer months. I wouldn't be concerned with the polish. I'd be more concerned with the condition of the pads. If they have to be replaced, that would cost about $150-$200. I would pay at the most $200 for one.


Answer by  pambam (892)

It depends not just on the appearance condition but also on the condition of the corks and pads on the flute. A Gemeinhardt 22P in good condition and has like new corks and pads with good, well oiled action would bring probably around $200. This depends of course on the market availability.


Answer by  dotfret (282)

If it plays OK, about $200 would be a fair price. A bad pad often softens if you apply a TINY amount of saddle soap. The 22SP changed to the 2SP, now it is the 22SPCH (with design improvements). I presume this is the old model.

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