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Question by  jne0493 (83)

How much is a 1903 nickel worth?

More than 5 cents?


Answer by  kimberlyte (7)

The value of a 1903 nickel can vary based on the physical condition since it is not very rare. Some sources say if the word Liberty is clearly defined on the coin the value can be as much as $30 but as low as 75 cents if not in as good a condition.


Answer by  Nivas (6)

$1.85 in Good, $2.50 in Very Good, $5.00 in Fine $15.00 in Very Fine, $31.00 in Extra Fine. Numismatic News Coin Market May 2008. If it has been put in a case and keeped in good condition you can get at least (or more) than $80\ as little as 5 cents and as much as 15 dollars

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