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Question by  srinicse (12)

How much does stress age us?


Answer by  sathu (157)

stress is a dangerous which causes our mind not to be calm.stress will make us to get angry on others unnecessarily.It will show us aged to the society.stress will be making us not to do any work perfectly.stress is a poisonous effect which ages our mind as well as body looking.


Answer by  aearthdragon (471)

It depends on the kinds of stress and the degree of it. If you look at photograph of deceased president Abe Lincoln you'll see how his depression, the civil war, and the weight of his duties aged him. Stress also raises blood pressure, disrupts our immune system, and with enough stress it can kill you.


Answer by  doggyhouz (75)

Stress can age a person pretty bad. The more stress the faster we breathe. Some culture believe that the more we breathe the shorter lifespan we have. So I believe that stress is a huge factor in breathe besides food. Stress can show signs of grey hair at the age levels of teenagers.


Answer by  dr84bhl (2789)

A lot of stress can age you ten years. Executives who have a lot of worry and run a company are prone to looking older than their years with the stress of running a big company, is what stress brings, it does age you. If you are worried about losing your job that could be stressful.

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