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Question by  RyanGregg (37)

How fast can you lose weight on 1,000 calories a day?

I want to lose about 10 pounds in 2 or 3 weeks if that's possible.


Answer by  karenkay (343)

The trick to losing ten pounds is not to cut your calories to starvation level, which may actually cause you to gain weight, but to eat more healthfully.


Answer by  herzog (555)

Depending on how much water you retain on an average day, you could possibly lose 10 pounds in three weeks. Understand, a portion of the loss would only be water and would easily be regained. Hard weight loss at 1000 calories may lie between 2 and 2. 5 pounds per week. Hard weight loss would be short of your goal.


Answer by  Anonymous

Elimination of Salts and Sugars can go a long way in dropping excess water weight (but always keep well hydrated). Also, increase the volume of vegetables, versus meat in your meals. It will give you a healthy, easier to maintain eating plan that you can stick to and not starve.


Answer by  Kjkj (139)

You can figure it out with a calculator. My Pyramid.gov has a tool to see how many cals in a day you burn. For instance, burn 2500/day subtract 1000 you eat, you would lose about 2.5 lbs per week. Exercise, you would lose more. Good luck!


Answer by  foodie213 (301)

Losing 10 pounds in 2-3 weeks is something that is dangerous to attempt and inadvisable. You should consult with your doctor and attempt to lose 1-2 pounds per week. Depending upon your height, weight, and activity level, 1000 calories per day may be far too little intake for you and you may need to set a higher level.

posted by Anonymous
Many people go up & down ten pounds in one day. If u lose ten pounds in three weeks a large portion will be water, & you cant control that, its your body ridding itself of excess-not uncommon. If u kept up at this rate perhaps-not ten pounds,  add a comment

Answer by  fancbiz (952)

weight loss is not dependent on the calories ingested only you will need to increase your metabolism rate to burn fat. combine that with rope jumping and take a lot of water and good results will come your way.

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