Question by  LucindaSue1 (51)

How does the value of football cards compare to the value of baseball cards?

I'd like to start a collection, but I want something that will grow in value.


Answer by  Joe80 (866)

The value of football cards to baseball cards varies or changes with time. The prices for cards usually are determined by who is/the player on the cards.


Answer by  bobbothegrayson (7)

Football cards are usually less valued than baseball cards. Baseball cards have historically been an American commodity, and having a Jim Thome, Jackie Robinson, etc is usually considered rare. Football cards are less popular and though some have value, they would be harder to sell with a smaller market.


Answer by  blrVoice (1054)

If you want cards that will grow in value, then collect baseball cards. Baseball cards increase much faster in value, as collecting those is much more popular than football cards.


Answer by  wcmcduffie (115)

I could be wrong, but I believe that there are less copies of the football cards than the baseball cards. If this is correct, it's only a small difference. The rare football cards seem to be a lot harder to find than the rare baseball cards.

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