Question by  krishnakumaran (14)

How do you tell a turtle's age?


Answer by  worker3014 (15)

Different types of turtles can range up to 300 years of age. An accurate age for a turtle can be difficult to determine. There is no way to positively identify a turtle's age and is usually roughly estimated by lines on the turtle's shell.


Answer by  caramelle0385 (84)

You can't exactly measure the approximate age of a turtle but you can get a good estimate. You should determine the species, life expectancy, and average size of the turtle. Take into consideration that females are slightly larger. Then examine the shell. Like counting tree rings, you can count the growth rings on the scutes of the turtle's shell.


Answer by  gindeer (81)

You can tell the turtle age by looking closely of turtle shell you will see the lines. The lines tell how age the turtles. Count the lines if many lines means the turtle is old but if turtles has few lines its young. You can also tell how old the turtle by their weight.


Answer by  worker8388 (994)

Make a rough estimate by measuring your turtles age. Usually turtles will mature around twenty. Scrutinize the shell can be done to identify age of turtles. Normally older turtles shell will be darker and younger turtles shell found to be smoother. Older turtles shell does not contain scratches whereas younger one shell will contain some scratches.


Answer by  elly2800 (4)

Count how many lines the shell has, it is just like counting the age of a tree also by the weight of it.


Answer by  wwgt (7)

Have you tried, by simply asking the turtle?

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