Question by  ABracken (16)

How do you sing along with you cd player?

Can you make your own karaoke cds?


Answer by  mickeymouse (16)

If you buy a karaoke machine that plays CDs, it will play them as karaoke CDs. Otherwise you can use audio software to remove vocals from. mp3s.


Answer by  wj (646)

You can buy karaoke CDs anywhere, try Amazon or eBay. You don't need a special karaoke machine for these, just a regular CD player, but obviously you won't be able to see the lyrics on a screen, you'll just need to know when to sing!


Answer by  individual6827 (14)

Using music software you can EQ songs to make your own karaoke CDs. When they are EQ'd in a special way you can lower the frequencies where vocals are present making them usable for karaoke.

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