Question by  abhijit (22)

How do you repair a bent go cart frame?

My child had an accident on our go cart and bent the frame in the front.


Answer by  johnnyboy (31)

Well, it depends on the extent of the damage. Try bending the frame rails with a steel tube for extra leverage. If the damage is too extensive, you might be better cutting the damaged part and welding new frame rails in.


Answer by  bb (674)

you need to have a welder look at the frame. most go-carts are made out of thin tubular metal. the metal can crack very easy. it should be repaired by a professional.


Answer by  Darry (3853)

If it's a metal frame you can try hammering it out if it is bent in a small amount. If it is bent sharply your best bet may be to replace that portion of the frame and weld in a new piece. A serious bend or dent to the frame can cause a weak spot that may break with use.


Answer by  bb (674)

most go-cart frames are made of very thin tubular metal. it is best to let a good welder look at the frame.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Well either you can use some type of straight edge and hammer it back or simply cut the damaged section out and weld in a new piece.

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