Question by  vap1961 (52)

How do you donate a car to charity?


Answer by  m3duzit (6)

You can find a local charity organization or other local donation group and let them know the details of the vehicle you are donating. If the organizers think that your car could benefit someone else, they will work with you on finding a new home for the car. Simple and easy.


Answer by  aiurfpa111 (18)

In order to donate a car to charity, you must contact a charitable organization which accepts cars as donations, and set up a date on which they will, generally, pick up the car from your place of residence or, if it is not currently operable, have it towed away.


Answer by  kavinvk (34)

I would directly contact the Charity Office, and let them know about my donation interest. Will clarify the official formalities and paper works and register the car in the name of charity's representative.


Answer by  Trueakitalover (1728)

Usually you call them up and tell them you have a vehicle to donate and you hand the title over to them.


Answer by  Carol37 (569)

First, you must have the title to the car with no loans on it. Turn the title over and see if it has any loan provisions on it. Call the charity of your choice and ask if they accept cars, if they will pick it up (if not driveable), and when you will receive your documentation as to its' value.

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