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Question by  superwhites (220)

How do you control body odor in the elderly?


Answer by  Inge (484)

If deodorants or anti-perspirents aren't the answer, applying baby powder daily helps. If skin irritation isn't a problem, use a scented product. Plain cornstarch works also.


Answer by  flavored (88)

Unfortunately, there really is no controlling body odor in the elderly. Elderly just have their own odor that radiates from their wrinkly skin. It is a pretty universal smell, which is probably why your grandma and my grandma have smelled the same.


Answer by  bubbyboy (9929)

You would control their body odor like you do your own. Make sure they bathe regularly and use a deodorant. Many elderly people don't know when to use the toilet so they have accidents. Make sure they can clean theirself up.


Answer by  seantsy2 (120)

rub century egg on their body and you can let them have a milk cannot really control it as it is not within our power to do so.just make them look as pleasnat smelling as possible.

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