Question by  joebigggs09 (11)

How do you clean mildew off leather?

I had some purses in a closet that is old and wet and dirty.


Answer by  LauraCalico (278)

Diluted alcohol (1 cup rubbing alcohol to 1 cup water) will remove mildew from leather. Once the leather has been wiped down with the diluted alcohol, it should be left to air dry. In order to avoid future issues with mildew, a wax dressing may be applied to the leather.


Answer by  gardengirl72 (26)

Create a mixture of half water and half isopropyl rubbing alcohol. Next, dampen a soft cotton cloth with the mixture. It shouldn't be dripping wet. Simply wipe the molded area with the damp cloth and air dry. Naturally dry the purses. Don't dry over direct heat. Use leather conditioning afterward.


Answer by  Julie65 (20)

First, wipe the product with a clean sponge and water. Allow product to dry. Next, mix a solution with 1/2 warm water and 1/2 rubbing alchohol. Using a clean sponge, gently wipe at the area with the mildew. Let dry and follow up with a leather conditioner.


Answer by  uncleal (81)

Try a combination of water and vinegar, about a 3:1 mixture, after you have let the leather get dry, not dried out

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