Question by  jbon (18)

How do you care for baby box turtles?

I have three baby box turtles that do not seem to be doing well.


Answer by  Baba70 (52)

You should keep them in between a temperature of 75-80 degrees. If possible keep them secured outside making sure you feed them a variety of insects, fruits and vegetables.


Answer by  celique (28)

The temperature in the habitat needs to be warm, at least 80 degrees during the day and 70 at night. Full spectrum lights must be used. Provide clean water and a varied diet that includes live animals such as slugs and crickets, as well as fruits and vegetables. Check your local pet shop for prepared turtle food and vitamins.


Answer by  klarke1 (351)

First you must clean the environment they live in more than once a month since you have 3 box turtles. Second they need water everyday but not food everyday.if you are feeding the babies everyday that might be why they arent doing so well. Feel them chopped worms or Repti Ten sticks. Most of all a lil TLC is key.


Answer by  kcbizz (18)

Well if i had baby box turtles i would make your thier inviroment was at all time 100% clean. I would make sure the turtles are fed properly thoughout the day everyday. Also if the turtle is indeed not feeling well you should take your turtle immediatly to the vet!

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