Question by  cstkimberlyvarela (16)

How do you adjust pickups for a Les Paul Gibson guitar?


Answer by  mrjoshx (89)

If you look on either side of the pickup there is a screw, which is referred to as a height screw. Turning the screw clockwise (to the right) will tighten the screw and adjust the pickup higher. Turning the screw counter clockwise (left) loosens the screw and adjusts the pickup lower.


Answer by  salsafoodie (3146)

There is a screw that is located on the top of the guitar, if you are looking for a lower tone then you will need to turn the screw counter clockwise and if you are looking for a tighter tone then you should turn it clockwise. Be careful not to turn to tight to avoid breaking.


Answer by  Simo53 (90)

You can adjust the height by tightening or loosening the screws holding the pickup in place. If you mvoe the pickups closer you will get louder output but can sometimes have issues with string buzz as the strings may make contact with the pickup. Fine tune for the best result.


Answer by  worker5661 (131)

to adjust the height, find the screws directly to the side of the pick ups and turn them. turning them clockwise should move the pickup up and turning it counter clockwise should move it down. do this for both screws on the sides of the pickups.


Answer by  samhin925 (52)

To adjust pickup height tighten or loosen the pickup adjusting screws located on either side of the pickup. Removal of the pickup cover may be necessary to locate the screws.


Answer by  jonbearr (10)

Adjust the screws on either side of the pickups to raise them closer to the strings for a 'hotter' sound , or farther for a 'mellow' sound.


Answer by  aeinhb (5)

There are four knobs. 2 are for the volume, 2 for the tone. Turn it left or right to adjust the tone. It makes the tone warmer or cooler.


Answer by  dotfret (282)

You have two screws, at top and bottom of the pickup surround, which raise and lower the pickup. The closer the pickup is to the string, the greater the output, but if you get too close you lose sustain, because the magnet dampens the string vibration. Don't move the polepieces.

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