how does it work


Question by  ganesh (84)

How do Weight Watchers points work?


Answer by  Pineapple7 (260)

Weight Watchers points work according to an individual's weight, height and active status. A person is assigned a specific point value (i.e. 26), and each food, depending upon their calorie, fiber, and fat count, is also assigned a point value. As long as a person stays within or under their point range, they will likely lose weight.


Answer by  elsewhen (627)

weight watchers just tries to simplify calorie counting... i think they basically take 50 calories and convert that to one weight watchers points. so 150 calories = 3 points. they round up or down as necessary.


Answer by  hakunamatata (31)

For me, not good. Because I am always checking the lists how many points has this and how many points has that. It is going on my nerves. So I will stop with Weight Watchers in the next week or so.

Reply by calcutta (168):
losing or maintaining your weight takes a little bit of vigilance. counting calories really doesn't take that much energy, and after you know the number of calories in certain foods, it starts to get really easy.  add a comment
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