Question by  Porter (20)

How do I repair a window frame?


Answer by  Jenny25 (939)

Well how bad is the frame? Is the frame broken. You have to use crazy glue to do that. What else is wrong with the frame? It might just require replacement.


Answer by  rabbui (275)

Depending on the issue with the frame, you may be able to sand and repaint the frame or perhaps putty areas. If it is rotted, you will have to replace.


Answer by  mnebojsa (17)

Start with a silicone based sealer to fill in the cracks where the glass meets the window frame. This usually works for me.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

Take the glass out of the window. It all depends whats wrong. If you use wood glue use a clamp to hold it in place for a few days.


Answer by  aravindha (48)

It's simple. Since you have not mentioned about the make of window frame my general suggestion is whether it is made of wood or aluminium, first you should send the window frame for service if it is got 50% damaged. Otherwise it is better to change the frame alone to avoid expenses in future.

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