Question by  techno (95)

How do I go about insulating a basement?


Answer by  FishGal88 (351)

To insulate a basement, you'll want to go to your local hardware store and purchase high quality insulation (Pink Panther is a good choice.) You'll want to place the insulation before you hang your drywall. Be sure to fit it snugly between studs in the wall. The tighter the fit, the more effective the insulation.


Answer by  philg1961 (347)

The first step is to check your local bulding codes so that you are doing it legally. To install the insulation, you need to install furring strips on either 16 or 24 inch centers. With the furring strips in place, install the desired insulation. Then cover the wall with paneing, drywall or any other covering that appeals to you.


Answer by  jessicat1982 (162)

Get in contact with a reputable company who can give you advice on the best product for your needs as there are several different types of basement insulating methods. You need to think about the possible moisture in a basement and how this would affect the normal way of insulating as you would in interior walls.


Answer by  ronandmelissa (56)

You can use insult inbetween the ceiling joists to keep the colder air from the basement cooler the floor above if there is no drywall up or drop ceiling in. You can also frame out the basement wall and insult between the studs and then put up drywall or panel.

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