Question by  dangerosive (18)

How can you clean a musty basement?

It smells.


Answer by  Hugsyrocks (21)

In order to properly clean a musty basement, several steps must be followed. A strong cleaning agent with a powerful fragrance should be used. It is important to clear out any rotten or dirty items to ensure that the must smell will not return. Finally, an air freshener will help to prevent the smell from returning.


Answer by  joshm89 (491)

By doing so, get a spray bottle and fill it with bleach. Not only will this kill the smell, but it will also help to make the basement clean and get rid of the musty smell.


Answer by  mauro (45)

You can clean a musty basement by dusting and spraying an aerosol freshener to get rid of the musty smell also sweeping the floor or vacuuming will help.

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