Question by  guyfletcher (20)

How can I seduce a woman?

I am not very sauve.


Answer by  wjrbooker (67)

You can seduce a woman in many ways. Financially; you could buy her flowers, candy, bears etc. Emotionally; you can seduce her by complimenting her daily. Or just simply inquiring about her day, (Makes her think you care). Physically, you can kiss her neck or chest area. Or perhaps a simple massage might work.


Answer by  SugarSoySauce (228)

A women looks for 1 thing in men: security.It's either financial, emotional, or sexual security.To seduce a woman,you should guarantee her security in one of those fields.For example, help her with her work or to pay her bills(financial).Take her to an expensive restaurant.Be there for her when she's down and listen to her(emotional).Offer her a fun and free sexual relationship.


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

Don't try to for seduction. Women are seeking to avoid men looking for one night stands. Look for someone for a relationship; the intimacy can come later.


Answer by  MaryanneCampbell (33)

The best way to seduce a woman is to appeal to her heart or emotions. Make a connection with her by letting her know how much you care. Woo her.

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