Question by  araenel (50)

How can I save a dying sago palm houseplant?

My friend is coming back from an oversees trip in one week. She left me in charge of her houseplant and I'm afraid I forgot about it until now!


Answer by  aeturnus (474)

Though the sago palms do have the ability to revive from setbacks, be sure that it is placed near some light, water it well, and feed it a decent amount of food especially in the summer, and check it over time to see if it is getting some of its strength back.


Answer by  GKRISHNAVENI (126)

Sago palm houseplant is an prehistoric plant dont treat it as a plam tree. sometimes it will come back to life after the dead. Dont pour more water it make the leaves to turn yellow. They require good drainage so even if you are not watering too much,if your soil is on the clay side,it might be holding moisture in.


Answer by  lanta (61)

remove the dead branches and water it if it needs watering. like water is the dextrose for the plant and give it medicine like an insecticide.


Answer by  samwatson (160)

I don't know if a dying sago palm can be saved. I have been unsuccessful in 4 attempts and have tried every trick in the book including using fertilizer and ice cubes.

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