Question by  sallyflutterbee (32)

How can I find out if my antique dresser is worth anything?


Answer by  rebecca0515 (434)

Contacting a local, reputable appraiser is the best way to determine whether or not the dresser is an antique. Start out by getting as much information on teh dresser as possible. Take this information with you to the appraiser, who will be able to determine the value of the item.


Answer by  TiffaniMichelle (25)

Many cities have appraisers and antique shops that would love to determine the value of your antique dresser. You can take your dresser directly to these places, or take pictures of your item and compare it with other items in the shops to determine how much your dresser is worth.


Answer by  user71 (796)

First you need to know exactly what you have, make, year, style, authenticity, etc. IF you know these things there are many online resources. If you do not know these things for sure, you would need to have it professionally appraised so they can verify your item.


Answer by  Anita14 (149)

A good place to start is Ebay. Try to find a match or close match to your item. Craigslist usually has pretty extensive Antiques category.


Answer by  MathWiz (1408)

It's kind of difficult to drag a dresser out to an appraiser, but there is a way to easily get it appraised. There are some online sites that are willing to do it for you. Just upload a photo and any known dresser details and they'll get back to you.


Answer by  turkmeister77 (107)

Look your item on online to see if you can find websites that specialize in antique furniture. You can also consult books at the library or a local antique dealer.


Answer by  rachelhk (5)

You can take it to an antique shop and get it appraised, or you could take it to antiques roadshow


Answer by  TrixieRose (174)

Try looking it up online, or taking pictures and any information you have to an antiques dealer. If there's a manufacturer name printed on it, see if there's a book about their furniture, or look them up on the Internet.


Answer by  nixx (78)

Nowadays its difficult to determine antiques. You have to check the quality of the wood. You can determine if its sturdy or cheap by its weight.

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