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Question by  MattMoss (27)

How can I collapse rows in excel?


Answer by  Anonymous

Using the group function collapse up or down. Highlight rows to collapse, go to Data/Group/Group. It will group assuming total is down unless you uncheck settings in Data/Group/Settings to have it assume total is at top of data set.


Answer by  iyuilt (13)

Or... selecting the rows then Ctrl + 9 to hide and Ctrl+Shft+9 to expand works too.


Answer by  lmath629 (402)

Keep rows or columns in an Excel file and reduce the information on screen by picking the cell at the top of the column or front of the row and going to the "Window" drop down list and select "Hide". To get the data back in view, select "Unhide".


Answer by  jacky (18)

To collapse rows in excel you can the merge function. to use the merge function select the rows you want to collapse the right click on the cells There is a function called format cell in the format window there is atab called Alignment check the merge rows will collapsed


Answer by  btw8211 (16)

The first step to collapsing rows is to highlight all the rows you want collapsed by clicking on the first row number to be collapsed and dragging to the last. Next, click on Format-Row-Height. In the box that appears, set the value to 0 and click OK.


Answer by  iyuilt (13)

Are you trying to group and outline? Select the rows you want to collapse, then Data>Group & Outline>Group. You will have a + or - button dipslayed on the left of the screen where your rows are to toggle your rows.


Answer by  vietnamgirls (1177)

Just use your cursor to highlight the rows you want to collapse. If you are doing multiple rows you will need to hold down your CNTL button and click to highlight them. On your toolbar, go to format, then row, and then hide.

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