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Question by  0001aaron (8)

Does anyone need Nintendo NES Game Systems donated to them?

Like schools or shelters?


Answer by  JennWDW (79)

Lots of places need them, especially local children's hospitals, (they have older systems),library's, yes, shelters, after school programs, like the YMCA, Boy Clubs of America, or Daycare Programs. Also check out when local charities/churches are having their rummage sales/non-for-profit sales, donate to them to resale and keep the money.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

You could try contacting school and see if they want it. If they don't want it you can always donate it to a charity like Goodwill or Salvation army. They will usually accept electronic stuff like this and turn around and sell it for charity. If they don't use it in one of there own programs.

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