Question by  Tanner (14)

Did Beanie Babies make Grateful Dead bears?

I think that would be a good idea.


Answer by  echurch (393)

Ty Beanie Babies made a Garcia bear. The bear was tie dyed and said to be a tribute to Jerry Garcia. The dancing bears that are linked to the grateful dead most likely inspired the multicolored Ty beanie bear. The Beanie baby bear was released in January 1996 and retired in may 1997.The Bears are still available for purchase.


Answer by  teddy (6)

Yes, they did make Grateful Dead Beanie Babies. They made tie dye bears, and a Jerry Garcia bear. There are several generic (non ty brand) Grateful Dead beanie baby bears. They have the classic Grateful Dead beanie bears and a collection of beanie bears named after several Grateful Dead songs.


Answer by  CaseyJones (5)

There was a tie die bear available in 1996-1997 named "Garcia". This would appear to be a tribute to the late Jerry Garcia from the band The Grateful Dead.


Answer by  katimae (0)

Someone put out a bear in 1990. Late 90's Liquid Blue started making the one's named after songs/characters non tie dyed. still kicking out limited ed. ran out of song names tho. These are approved by GDM. And TY made the tie dye Garcia Bear 1/96 - 5/97.

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