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Question by  SMcKnight5 (1)

Can you play as 2 users at the same time on the PS3?

In Resistance 2 with the patch, you can play co-op with 2 users at the same time. Can you do the same thing in Resident Evil 5 by inviting the other user or something?


Answer by  mxninja (35)

Well if you don't mind me saying first off, that if you couldn't, what a tragic day for video gamers. But to the point of your query and the answer is very plainly yes. Simple directions are as follows: Insert game disc. Load any profiles wanted. Begin your game and have player2 hit start on their controller.


Answer by  y3636363 (1380)

Yeah more than 2 users can play on ps3 that is why it's good. You can have up to 5 people or more playing that is how good the ps3 is.


Answer by  charsikhan (12)

First you gotta start the game, when the mission is loaded,the 2nd player press start. The screen should then split in two and be showing the Inventory screen.

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