Question by  NoahEdema (58)

Can you download Bollywood music?


Answer by  RoseNy (500)

Yes, from sites such as BollyM 4 U, Bolly FM, Pak Heaven, Mastimela, Music Apna, Music Maza, and through Amazon.


Answer by  asianal (397)

From what i understand, you can not download Bollywood Music unless you pay for it, or become a member which also costs money. Bollywood recently announced that they are working together with I Tunes and their music can be purchased on their for a very cheap price, starting at just $1.00.


Answer by  toddkenyon (31)

Of course you can download Bollywood music! It's 2010 and less and less people want a plastic disc and want everything digital (it is the age of iPods and mp3s).

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