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Question by  whizkid (95)

Can I get pregnant while taking provera?

I am afraid I am pregnant, I am on provera.


Answer by  friend83 (52)

Though it is a possibility for you to get pregnant while on the Depo Provera shot, it is highly unlikely. The longer you use the shot the less effective it becomes so if you have been on it for multiple years then I would check with your physican.


Answer by  mammabear9 (36)

Although it is rare you can get pregnant on the Depo provera shot, if you think you are pregnant I would suggest seeing your doctor as soon as possible.


Answer by  Rose (6804)

Like with any birth control medication if you do not take it as directed you may become pregnant. If you think that you are then you should discontinue taking the medicine and get tested as soon as possible.


Answer by  missy36 (48)

You can get pregnant while taking provera. If you do think you become pregnant stop taking the medication at once and see your doctor. Taking provera while pregnant can cause a miscarriage.

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