Question by  prasanthi (56)

Are spiked dog collars humane?

I do not understand the use of spiked dog collars.


Answer by  mammakat (11147)

There are certain dog collars, used to train very strong dogs such as American bulls or Rottweilers. They're used because the dog is too strong for the owner. The metal flanges are horizontal to the neck and do NOT spike into the dog's neck if used properly, they press on the windpipe, you shouldn't use them without supervision and training.


Answer by  angelsdozens (218)

If you mean the leather collars studded with spikes they are usually just for looks although they were also developed to protect a fighting dog's neck. If you mean prong collars, they are completely safe and humane, in fact, if you pull on one too hard it will simply snap.


Answer by  tofuturk (581)

Spiked leather biker collars are for showing off and can puncture skin when the dog lays down. Prong training collars are sometimes used by forceful obedience trainers who can't think of any other way to control dog. They are only for training, not for walks or to be left on.

posted by Anonymous
Prong collars cause discomfort to teach the dog, not pressure. A normal collar will eventually break the small bones around the throat. A prong collar is the best for training. My dog was attacked by two bit bulls at a dog park. His spiked leather collar saved him from injury.  add a comment

Answer by  slickytfox (235)

Sure. Spiked dog collars are simply accessories that serve both the need of a traditional collar and also give a style to a pet dog.

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